Built at a strategic point on the Itapará River, in Roraima, Pousada Itapará offers an impressive view of the complex that makes up the river, the floating pier, the rustic architecture and the typical vegetation. Even more so when we add to this beautiful landscape the sunrise or sunset and the birds of the region.

   In addition to the main inn, we have an advanced base located 60 km downstream for those who wish to fish in less explored places for a few days of their stay. It has 4 rooms that can accommodate up to 12 people and has a restaurant.

   At Pousada Itapará, just look through your bedroom window to see an exuberant forest and one of the most beautiful rivers in the region.

If you want you can fish 50 meters from the hotel, there are also more than 100 lakes to be explored, all with a wide variety of fish, including the peacock bass butterfly and the Açu.

     It is the ideal place to practice sport fishing in the heart of the Amazon due to its location on the banks of the Itapará River, which is considered the sanctuary of the largest tucunarés in the world.

    Here you enjoy high quality services in the middle of the Amazon!

Peacock bass fishing in Itapará

       In the Itapará River, fishermen can find three species of tucunares: açu, paca, azul and butterfly.

      But it is not just peacock bass that the Itapará River offers. In fact, the aquatic fauna is quite varied: in the region you can also find piranhas, arowanas, pirararas, the fast surubins and even the great pirarucu. However, the stars of the fishery are the peacock bass.

        In the region of the Itapará river, the sport fishing season begins at the end of September (end of the rainy season), when the waters recede from the igapós to the natural riverbed (gutter), extending until the end of April.

     With the end of the rains, what used to be a single large body of water gradually forms small lakes and ponds, accessed by narrow channels. These are the best places to fish.

    At that time, peacocks gather in schools and attack everything they see ahead. It's a real show!


  • When visiting the Itapará River do not forget to take:

    • Little luggage

    • Sunscreen and / or sunscreen

    • Cap or hat with flaps

    • Light, light-colored clothing, long sleeves, pants, etc.

    • Repellent and polarized glasses - Remedies you are using

    • Waterproof bag for small belongings

    • Raincoat

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